We're a small business based in Blackburn providing celebration cakes for all occasions.

 I started making cakes when I'd booked my second child's Christening.  It was an ambitious project to create a two tiered cake and I was a complete novice!  But, somehow I managed to pull it off and I was hooked on cake decorating from then!

I took a course to brush up my skills and I've been doing it ever since.  Children's cakes are my absolute favourite to create.  I love to see their expressions when I give them a cake with their favourite character on.  All my designs are vetted and tested by my own two children and if they think it's "cute" or "brilliant" or "fantastic" then I know it's going to be a hit!  They can be quite critical at times though!!!

 I don't sell as many cakes as your local supermarket because each of my cakes takes a lot of time.  I care and love each individual one which is why I have a small amount of order slots each week.  I limit the amount of cakes I make so that I can guarantee that each one has been made with care and attention.

 I make every cake from scratch, using the best ingredients.  All my cakes are baked and decorated in time for collection or delivery.  I do not make them in advance and freeze them.  I don't use any cake mixes either!

For me every cake is a new journey and I love it when people travel with me.

Leanne x